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When it comes to finding restaurants that have ‘bring your own policy’ in London, then you would not be upset with the outcome because numerous eating places are following this rule these days. Due to this feature, Londoners can now have their favourite food/drinks at their preferred bistro. However, the number of ‘bring your own restaurants’ is pretty decent, but they still cannot be found in every other street. Therefore, tourists and visitors often face problems in finding such eating venues in London. For the assistance of such tourists and visitors, this article has a list of ‘bring your own’ restaurants in London from where they can commence their search.


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    Ali Baba

    This is an Egyptian eating place that follows a bring your own policy. People can bring their own drinks to enjoy them with Egyptian cuisine. The specialty of Ali Baba restaurant is called molokhia, which is a soupy stew that is served with lamb and rice. Londoners can find this family run business at 32 Ivor Place.

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    Comptoir Libanais

    This café can be found at 65 Wigmore Street in the British capital and it allows its guests to bring in their own drinks. Comptoir Libanais is a Lebanese café and guest can eat various Lebanese varieties at this venue along with their own drinks. The settings of this café not only make it bright, but beautiful as well.

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    Food For Thought

    This unique eating venue not only offers bring your own drinks facility to its customers but also serves different types of food. The guests will find vegan fare and inventive vegetarian dishes in the menu of Food For Thought. Food offered there is a bit expensive but they do not charge corkage.

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    Golden Hind

    If you want bring in your own drinks at a bistro that serves delicious fish and chips then Golden Hind is a place one may look forward to. This bistro is located at Marylebone Lane in the capital of Great Britain, which people from different areas of the city visit to try their fish and chips.

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    Iranian dishes are a speciality of Patogh restaurant and this bistro strictly focuses on the quality of food they produce. Due to this reason, the Iranian cuisine offered at this bring your own policy follower bistro is delicious. The decor of Patogh is decent and not too lavish but the food offered will compensate for it.

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    Casa Brasil

    If you want to introduce your taste buds to some decent Brazilian cuisine and are looking for a restaurant that allows guests to bring their own drinks in the British capital then, Casa Brasil is your destination. Although it is a small eatery, but the food served there is excellent in taste and quality, which drags a lot of Brazilian food lovers to this spot.

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    Five Hot Chillies

    In contrast to its name, the guests will find traditional Punjabi food at Five Hot Chillies that would "not" burn your taste buds. The menu of Five Hot Chillies boost of specialties like lamb kebabs and traditional dishes which are made in karhai (iron wok). In addition to this, guests can also bring their own drinks at this eatery.

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    Karahi King

    If you are looking for an eating place that offers Punjabi dishes in big and bold style then try Karhai King located on 213 East Lane in London. This Punjabi restaurant also allows its guests to bring their own drinks which they can relish with authentic Indian food. Although it is a bit costly, but the flavor is great.

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    Masa is another restaurant that has a bring your own policy. The cuisine served at this venue is authentic Afghani, which will take you far away from London with its mouthwatering and high quality taste. However, to have this amazing experience, you have to visit Masa at Headstone Drive in Harrow. London.

  • 10

    19 Numara Bos Cirrik

    The tempting grills and exceptional Turkish meze are not the only fine qualities of 19 Numara Bos Cirrik that keep bringing guests back to this venue again and again, as bring your own is another highlight of this establishment. The food served there is a bit pricey and they also charge corkage services from their guests.

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    Apollo Banana Leaf

    Londoners can also find a Sri Lankan restaurant in their city that has a bring your own policy. This Sri Lankan bistro is known as Apollo Banana Leaf and it is situated at Tooting High Street in London. Visitors will get to taste authentic Sri Lankan dishes from this eatery that are also reasonable in price.

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    Cah Chi

    Cah Chi is a Korean restaurant that also offers its visitors the 'bring your own' facility if they have an intention to eat something from this eating place. The dishes offered at Cah Chi are full-on in flavours, as its menu brags of dishes like spicy fried squid, fiery kimchi, marinated bbq meat and a lot more varieties of the region.

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    Lahore Kebab House

    One of the well-established names in the list of reputable restaurants in London is Lahore Kebab House, as it is serving delicious Pakistani dishes for over 40 years now. Lahore Kebab House is attended by customers who can bring along their own drinks and relish earthy and hearty cooking on reasonable prices.

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    Little Georgia

    This is a fine venue to experience Georgian cuisine in the capital of Great Britain that also permits its guests to bring their own drinks to this venue, which they can enjoy with dishes like lobiani, smoked pork etc. This eatery can be found at 87 Goldsmiths Row near Liverpool Street tube station.

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    Mangal Ocakbasi

    Turkish dishes can also be found at another eating place in London called Mangal Ocakbasi that also allows visitors to bring their own drinks. The menu of this restaurant has varieties like Turkish grills, which are not only low in price, but also presented in gargantuan portions.

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    Mien Tay

    Traditional southern Vietnam flavours can be experienced at Mian Tay, which is a restaurant in the capital of Great Britain. The settings of this bistro may be austere, but the fresh and exciting flavours of Mian Tay along with bring your own policy will cover up for the rest of the deficiencies at this venue.

  • 17

    Rochelle Canteen

    Those who are looking for a fashionable hangout site that serves brilliant food and also allows customers to bring their own drinks in East End can go to Rochelle Canteen. This fine eatery offers simple and seasonable fares along with beverages, which are quite famous among locals who keep this place buzzing with activity.

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    Needoo Grill

    Needoo Grill is another Pakistani restaurant in London that follows bring your own policy. In addition to this policy, guests can also enjoy eating typical spicy curries, fresh bread from tandoor and smoky grills. Due to these fine highlights Needoo Grill is already earning a good repute because of which people sometimes have to wait in queues.

  • 19

    Tay Do Café

    Not only big restaurants in London offer bring your own policy, but a tiny café called Tay Do Café on Kingsland Road in the east of the capital also follow this plan. Tay Do Café is basically a Vietnamese eatery that offers various varieties including a version of famous dish called banh xeo.

  • 20


    This is one of the famous Pakistani restaurants in the British capital as it is well known and loved for it’s unrepentantly and exciting Pakistani cookery. Additionally it also allows guests to bring their own alcohol in order to wash down the food served to them at this eating place.

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