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While writing a business condolence email, you should be very careful in choosing your words. You have to show your solidarity and sympathy to the addressee while maintaining a distance of respect.

However, it does not mean that you need to be extra formal and cold as you will need to find the perfect balance while composing a business condolence email. Do not worry, you can write an effective email by following a few simple yet valid tips.

First of all, you must ensure that you are putting the right email address of the recipient in the relevant box. Next, you must highlight a subject of this email to grab the attention of the recipient.

After performing these two actions, you will start the email with an appropriate salutation and then include a few consoling sentences in the opening paragraph. Make sure that your language and selection of words are appropriate.

Use the second paragraph to pay tribute to the deceased. However, you must not give the impression that you are doing this as a formality. Make your addressee believe that you feel the pain of their loss.

In the end, offer your assistance and then conclude your email with a suitable closing. Do not forget to mention your name.


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    Sample of Business Condolence Email:

    Subject: Expressing condolence on the death of John McLane

    Dear Mr. Harding,

    This note is to express my sympathies at the loss of your company’s managing director Mr. John McLane. He certainly was an inspiration not only for you but also for me and his death is certainly a personal loss.

    I still remember when I started dealing with your organisation and Mr. McLane called me for a detailed meeting. He was so kind and helpful not only in the beginning but also throughout this partnership.

    Though, I am far away and cannot attend the funeral but still my heart is mourning with you. Kindly pass my condolence to his family as well.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time.


    Steve Thomas
    Finsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    Template of Business Condolence Email:

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: Expressing condolence on the death of  [deceased’s name]

    Dear [name of the addressee],

    I am writing this email when my heart is filled with sorrow after getting the sad news regarding the death of [mention the deceased]. This sudden loss is certainly a jolt for your organisation as [name of the deceased] performed exceptionally well as [designation of the deceased].

    I just want to tell you that the management of [your company’s name] is with you in this time of grief.

    I hope that your staff will learn from [deceased’s name] life and put in their best for the progress of this company.

    In the end, let’s pray for the [deceased] and I hope that you will be able to bear this pain.

    I am very truly sorry for your loss.


    [Your name]
    [Company Name]

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