Charity Fundraising Letter

Writing a charity fundraising letter to different people, who are working on key positions in different organisations or who are public figures, helps a lot for the welfare of those who are needy.

In the opening paragraph of this letter, you should introduce yourself and your charity organisation. Also include what your organisation do for the welfare of people.

In the second paragraph, you should mention the reason of contacting him/her. Also try to include the factors that forced you to seek help from people who are able to fulfil the needs of your organisation. Also mention that you are organising a function for fundraising.

In the third paragraph, directly request to people by asking for their help in the form of donations for your charity organisation. Also insist them to attend the function which will be organised for getting funds.


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    Sample of Charity Fundraising Letter

    January 9, 2013

    Mr. John Smith
    Vice President,
    XYZ Company
    47 Hatfield, CA 08467

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am from the public relation office of Helping Homes, which is a social service institute and orphanage for children and old-aged people. We have been working for the welfare of needy people who want education and shelter for the last 15 years. We have educated many children who are living a respectable life at the moment by finding jobs.

    However, with the recent recession, it has become quite difficult for us meet the expenditures of Helping Homes. That’s why we need more funding and for that purpose we are organising a musical show. By selling the tickets of this musical show we are expecting to get enough funds to manage the expenditures of Helping Homes.

    For that purpose, we want you to help us by bringing as many people as possible to this charity show which will help those who are dependent on people like you.

    We are optimistic that you will help us in this fundraising campaign to help the needy.


    Laura Williams
    Organising Secretary
    Helping Homes

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    Template of Charity Fundraising Letter


    [Name of Person]
    [His/Her Position]
    [Company Name]

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a representative of a charity organisation named, [charity organisation name]. This organisation works for the welfare of orphans and old people who do not have sufficient means of living.

    In order to meet the expenditures of [charity organisation name] in this time of recession, we are organising a musical show. We are selling tickets for this show and want your help in this regard.

    Please bring as many people to this musical show as you can so that we could be able to sell maximum possible tickets to raise enough funds for [charity organisation name]. We are looking forward to see you along with your colleagues, friends and family members at the occasion [Write Occasion].


    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation/Position]
    [Your organisation’s name]

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