Charity Letter for Relief Mission

In recent times, the world has started to witness more and more natural calamities and disasters, hampering the life of millions of human beings all around the world in all continents. In such cases, it is the job of every human to help the affected ones as it is impossible for them to tackle with the problems alone. However, in most cases, there is a massive communication gap between the affected areas and the rest of the world and people do not really understand the problems of the ones in trouble.

In the first paragraph, explain the whole tragedy. After that you need to express the difficulties and problems of the people affected by the disaster. Before closing the letter, let the recipient know that you expect him/her to help you in this time of need.


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    Sample charity letter for relief mission

    Mr. Nathan Howards
    Human Care Institute.
    New York. Post office 666666

    Dear Mr. Howards,

    Last month, approximately 250 families suffered from fire that razed in a residence building in Luton. All the apartments were badly burnt and the families could not save any of their belongings. There was no loss of life or any serious injuries because of the timely efforts of the rescue teams. However, the people living in those apartments have gone through a massive financial loss and are presently living in temporary shelter homes, needing food, clothing and medical help. On top of that, their houses need to be built again.

    I feel this is an opportunity for blessed people like us to help the deprived ones. Our organization is starting a relief mission next week and would need your financial as well as morale support. I expect a healthy donation from your institute as it can help thousands of people to return to normal life.

    Expecting a positive response.


    Mr. Shaun Marsh
    Calamity Help Centre
    Main Boulevard, Luton 654 876
    December 21, 2012

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    Template of charity letter for relief mission

    (Donator’s name)

    To whom it may concern

    I am sure that you would be informed that the recent ................ in ................. has affected the lives of thousands of people. The affected people are currently facing a lot of problems and are deprived from the basic necessities of life.

    Your generous donations can help in improving the lives of the affected people. We look forward to your co-operation.

    Feel free to contact me for any questions.

    (Receiver’s name)

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