Common Weeds You Should Try

Weeds are generally the part of grass that must be removed in order for it to be healthy. But not all weeds are bad and some of them are actually good for your health. Many of these are edible as well.

Since they provide health benefits, we can make use of them. All we need to make sure is that we get the right weeds that are healthy for us and know how to use them and for what purposes they are good for. Once we know that, we can go ahead and gain their benefits.


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    Sting Nettle

    The sting nettle is not a fun weed as it is sticky as well as has thorns that can be very irritating. They can also cause blisters which can start itching. However, they are a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.

    They taste pretty much like spinach and can be cooked. Pick the heads of the young plants only. Leave them in water so that the sticky natural chemical gets off. These can be cooked before eating. They can also be dehydrated and frozen and remain edible afterwards.

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    It is extremely pleasant to look at. Amaranth is edible as well and has been an important part of the diet for the Incas. You can cook the seeds to eat them. The root and the leaves can also be cooked and have a pretty good taste. The leaves in particular are excellent as they have plenty of vitamins in them.

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    This is another weed that looks beautiful and not only is it edible but pretty tasty as well. To make things even better, it is a good source of Vitamin c. Traditionally, it has been given to people who are sick as it is considered to be something that can make them strong. All its parts are edible and can be cooked, fried and eaten as a part of a salad. The top part of the chickweed is used in tea as it is good for bladder problems and bronchitis.

    Also known as starwort, it can survive in the refrigerator for two weeks. It is best that it be kept in a plastic bag and it is dry at the time it is placed in the refrigerator.

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