Costs for Hiring a Maid in Dubai

Hiring a maid in Dubai can seriously be one of the best decisions you can make. Those who can afford it will love the extra helping hand from taking care of the children to up keeping the house.  It allows you to outsrouce your chores while allowing you to spend quality time with your family and friends. Moreover, at times it becomes difficult for you to take care of the house chores along with the amount of personal and office work that you are doing. That is when a maid really comes in handy.

If you are thinking of hiring a maid in Dubai, you must be wondering how much would it cost. Here is a step by step guide that lists the costs associated with hiring a maid in Dubai. Simply scroll down and learn how the costing for maids is done in Dubai.


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    To cook, clean, manage and care for children the average market rates are roughly between 600 AED - 800 AED per month if the house maid lives in your house with you and works full time.

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    To cook, clean, manage and care for children the average market rates are roughly between 900 AED - 1300 AED per month if the house maid does not live with you in your house, but works full time.

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    Why is it cheaper if they live with you? The reason it is cheaper is because you are required to pay for their living expenses like food, basic clothing or uniforms, and health related costs. If the maid lives with you, the living cost is normally reduced.  If you are sponsoring a maid then you not only are required to pay for food, clothing, and health costs, but you are also required to pay for their visa, health card, and repatriation ticket every two years and all other related expenses while they live in your house and work for you.

    A)   You will pay 5000 AED for the government fee per year.

    B)   100 AED for the residence visa (valid only for 1 year and cannot be shared with another household or family member, these fees are for one single house hold only).

    C)   600 AED for the labour card and medical certificate.

    D)   UAE nationals will be charged an extra 1500 AED for sponsoring the housemaids.

    E)    You will need to pay for an airline ticket cost of which will vary from where the maid is coming from but normally is around few hundred dollars.

    F)    You will have to allow the maid to go home every two years, cost of travel shall be born by you. This cost including the food may run you few hundred dollars.

    G)   If you hire a maid through an agency, be prepared to pay a service charge of between Dhs3,500 and Dhs5,300.

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    If you wish to minimize your expenses then you can use a maid supplied by an agency on a part time basis. There are dozens of agencies that will rent hired help to you on an hourly basis at a cost of roughly 25 AED per hour. The standard rate is two hour minimum.

    The following is a list of agencies where you can hire a maid or caretaker from.

    a) Dubai Green Maids

    b) Flexible Maid Dubai

    c) Dubai Nannies

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