Cycling Routes in London

Cycling is the best way to lose some pounds off your body or just to keep fit but if we talk about cycling in London then it is more than just maintaining health. A lot of people do it for fun and many others use cycling as their day to day means of travelling. But if someone wants to do it for fitness or some sort of training program then it is not the best idea to cycle through the city roads as they stay busy throughout the day.  So it is a better idea to find a nice cycling route near you as it will provide a traffic free path along with beautiful sceneries around.


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    Cycling in London cycling route

    It is an amazing cycling route situated in Greater London. The route takes you along the Grand Union Canal and the Regents, providing you an opportunity to visit superb landscapes. The route is 17.90 miles long and it starts from Brentford and ends at Little Venice.

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    Great North Way cycling Route

    The great North Ways is one of the longest cycling routes in the city which covers a total distance of 32 miles from Hadley Wood Railway Station to Baldock. The route is also known as "route 12" and is part of national cycle network. You can complete this route in parts by resting at some of the beautiful spots located within the area that have pubs and restaurants as well.

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    Cycling the Colne Valley Trail

    Cycling the Colne Valley Trail is a short cycling route with less difficulty level and it will take you one and a half hours to complete it. The route is 6.96 miles long and extends from Uxbridge to Rickmansworth and it  is also used by horse riders and walkers, making it a frequently visited area. It will also provide you an opportunity to see the waterways of River Colne and Grand Union Canal where you can stop to breath in fresh air.

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    Art Gallery Trail

    The Art Gallery Trail is a short distance cycling track extending from Angel Tube station to Limehouse Gallery covering a total distance of 3.98 miles. You will come across Regent’s Canal on your way, besides the famous East End art gallery.

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    The Grand Union Canal and Syon Park Cycling Route

    The Grand Union Canal and Syon Park is also a short cycling route which is almost similar to the Art Gallery Trail but it goes along the Grand Union Canal and extends to 3.98 miles. The route starts from Boston Manor Tube Station and ends at Syon Lane train station. Cycling on this route will provide you an opportunity to see historical structures and the impressive beauty of Syon Park.

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    Lea Valley Walking and Cycling Route

    Lea Valley Walking and Cycling Route is a 3.98 miles long cycling and walking track which starts from Waltham Town Lock and finishes at the same place by covering a round distance. The route's start point is only half a mile away from Waltham Cross train station and it also follows the River Lee Navigation path.

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    Paddington to Northolt Cycling Route

    This is a short route which is 10 miles long and extends from Paddington to Northolt. It follows the Grand Union Canal and passes through Kensal Green, Alperton and Stonebridge. This route is also a signed cycling route of Transport for London.

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    Putney to Greenwich Cycling Route

    This cycling route follows River Thames from Putney to Greenwich and lasts for 14 miles. The route starts from Putney Bridge and then goes through Battersea, Westminster, Tate Gallery, Houses of Parliament and Bermondsey.

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    Rainham Marshes Cycling Route

    The Rainham Marshes cycling route is a short distance route that only lasts for approximately 6 miles and extends from Purfleet to Rainham. It follows River Thames which provides you an opportunity to see beautiful sceneries and wild life around you.

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    Epping Forest Cycling Route

    This is one of the difficult cycling routes in London. It is 19 miles long and covers a circular path through Epping Forest with beautiful sceneries. This is a quiet cycling route and starts from Epping tube station while also finishing at the same place. The track also offers some off road tracks in the forest that are best suited to bikers with MTB or Hybrid bicycles.

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    Streatham Hill Cycle Route

    Streatham Hill Cycling route extends from Telford Avenue to Wandsworth and passes through the beautiful country side, river and Richmond Park. It is a long route as it is approximately 31 miles and has plenty of stops.

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    Country Seaside Cycle Route

    Country Seaside Cycle Route is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in London as it offers sea views, country side views and is approximately 27.78 miles long, starting from Lancing Rail Station and finishing at the same place.

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    Bromley Loop Vida Eynsford Cycle Route

    Bromley Loop via Eynsford is a long route which extends up to 33.38 miles starting from Ripley’s Arts Centre in Bromley and finishing at the same place after passing through Holwood Park, Biggin Hill Airport and West Wickam.

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    Brentwood Park Circular Cycle Route

    It is a circular cycling route that starts and finishes at Harold Hill after covering a distance of approximately 20.63 miles. It passes through Havering Atte Bower, Brentwood, Havering Park, Bower Park, Pyrgo Park and Dagnam.

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    Camberwell to Chatham Cycle Route

    Camberwell to Chatham cycling route is one of the most difficult cycling routes in the city as it is 37.84 miles long. It starts from Camberwell Road and finishes at High Street, Chatham. While cycling there you will come across a lot of windy roads and country side.

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    Canary Wharf to Wimbledon, The Scenic Route

    Canary Wharf to Wimbledon, The Scenic Route is a short distance route which is approximately 19.59 miles long. It starts from Canary Wharf and finishes at Wimbledon while offering views of Battersea Bridge and London canals.

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    Chingford to Hertford Cycle Route

    This route is approximately 15.18 miles long but its difficulty level is quite enough to burn a few of calories as it consists of hilly roads. Starting from Chingford Station, it finishes at Hertford East Railway.

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    Clapham to Canary Wharf

    Clapham to Canary Wharf is a normal commute route but it avoids dangerous hotspots by avoiding Vauxhall and Elephant & Castle areas. It is approximately 9.16 miles long and starts from SW11 in Clapham while finishing at Canary Wharf.

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    Crouch End to Holborn Cycle Route

    It is a short route extending up to 5.13 miles starting from Crouch End and finishing at Holborn. It allows you to pass through residential streets and sink in the tranquility they have to offer.

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    Docklands to Mayfair Cycle Route

    This is also an easy cycling route to follow. It starts from Westferry Road, Canary Wharf and after covering 6.5 miles, it finishes at Park Lane in Mayfair. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy classical views of Trafalgar Square, The Mall and Admiralty Arch.

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