Delicious Spring Party Menu

Are you planning to make your Spring memorable by having a get-together at your house? Is it the thought of making a complete menu that is stopping you? If it is the case then you do not need to worry as with a little bit of research you can decide food items that are not only easy-to-make but also delicious.

The best thing about Spring is that you have a long list of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available in the market. All you need to pick the right ones and use them in some mouth watering recipes.


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    You can include prosciutto snacks and shrimp bites in your appetiser list.

    Prosciutto snacks:

    To make prosciutto snacks you will need 7 ounce cherry tomato, 3.5 ounce smoked ham, 2 eggs, 1.6 ounce flour, 1.5 dl milk, 1dl cooking cream, 0.7 ounce cashew and 1.8 ounce finely grated Parmesan.

    Cut the tomatoes into halves and then fry them for 5-6 minutes. Then add cubes of prosciutto and cashews and keep frying for 5 minutes. Mix eggs and rest of the ingredients, fill muffins-molds with tomato mixture and top them with egg mixture. Bake them for 35 minutes and you are ready to serve prosciutto snacks.

    Shrimp bites:

    Take a saucepan, shed wine into it and then add two sprigs of parsley. After bringing to boil, add prawns and cook them for 30-60 seconds.

    Now you will mix 1.4 ounce butter with salt and pepper to apply a layer on slices of bread. Take 1 yellow and 1 red grapefruit, cut them into slices and combine them with dried prawns. Put this mixture over the bread and your shrimp bites are ready.

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    Main Course:

    Stuffed roasted turkey:

    First of all, you need to prepare a paste of onion, salt, pepper and chicken liver. Then cut the turkey breast and apply a layer of that paste. Now, you will fry the turkey until it changes colour and then you will add salt, pepper and wine. Increase the heat to make the turkey dry. Then bake it for 40 minutes and serve it after garnishing.

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    Strawberry cream:

    After preparing a full-fledged main course, you will be looking for a simple but delicious dessert. In this case, strawberry cream is your best bet as all you need is 9 ounce strawberries, 9 ounce mascarpone cheese, 3 ounce sugar and 200 ml cream.

    Mash 5 ounce strawberries and blend them with 1 ounce sugar. Then mix cheese with remaining sugar, put one layer of this mixture and one layer of strawberry cream. Repeat the process until your serving pot is filled properly. Serve strawberry cream ice-cold and surprise your guests.

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