How to Make a Case for Vegetarianism

Making a case for vegetarianism is certainly difficult but if you want that others will also join and start eating just vegetables, you should highlight all the benefits related to not eating meat. Not many people will truly understand the choices you have made but still if you have the right drive to make others realise that being a vegetarian is a good and healthy habit then it will be easy for you to make a strong case. You need to prepare a good case about vegetarianism to show how healthy a habit it is to be a vegetarian.


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    Know the purpose

    Before you make a strong case to promote vegetarianism among people especially who you think need to hear about the importance of being vegetarian, you need to understand the overall purpose of the effort. It is important that you should gather all the vital information before you can argue or write down any kind of detail about vegetarianism. You should also know the very purpose of consuming vegetables in your daily diet. You can also raise questions about why people should stop eating animals. The awareness of killing animals or any living being is also a big question for people who are not vegetarian. The concept of not eating any kind meat is actually very old since the evolution of Buddhism. However with the passage of time, this concept is now very common in the modern world as well.

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    Start with small issues

    You should start with very small details asking questions in an investigative manner. You can argue that raising animals is a difficult task as you will need a relatively big place while to grow vegetables is comparatively an easy task. This factor alone can make your case heard.

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    Cost cutting aspect

    Meat is usually an expensive commodity while vegetables are not that expensive. You can easily afford them as everyone wants to save money and vegetables certainly give you peace of mind at their availability and affordability.

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    Environmental issues

    You can also mention in your case about different kinds of environment issues which are totally related to meat consumption. The causes of global warming and greenhouse effects are related to carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels.

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