Diet and Exercise Plan for Women

That slim figure desired by most women around the world is directly related to the weight. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is imperative for any woman who is health and beauty conscious. When the body is happy on the inside, it shines through your face and gives you the glow most women are crazy about. A diet and exercise plan is not just about eating less or going crazy over the treadmill. It is a change in lifestyle that ensures a healthy body. It is not necessarily aimed at losing weight but can be used to maintain a healthy weight and a shape of body that you want. Following a balanced diet and complementing it with the right exercise not only makes your body look beautiful on the outside but also builds up your immune system on the inside protecting your from diseases and infection. It also maintains a healthy body weight which many of us desire. Our step by step guide has some tips for you.


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    Measure your requirements:

    The story lies in the calories. You have to find out the number of calories you need for a healthy living. This amount depends on your age, gender and the amount of work you do. For example a person who lifts weights at a supermarket will need more calories than one who spends his day sitting in front of a computer. Once you determine this number through help of the internet, stick to it. Count the calories in everything that you eat. With time you will get an expert at it. An average person usually needs 2000 calories to maintain her weight. So you can lose weight if you lessen the calories and gain it if you intake more calories. Keeping a calorie chart also helps.

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    Eat good:

    What you eat matters a lot. You should strictly follow the food pyramid, avoiding fats and going hard on the fibers. Cut out on foods that have fat content in them like ground meat and dairy products like butter and eggs. This also means that you are saying a big NO to the ice cream. Alcohol also reduces your metabolism and gives you unhealthy calories so restrict yourself to maximum two wine glasses a day.

    Get your proteins and carbohydrates from vegetables. Switch to less processed foods like fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Go for whole wheat grain and cereals.

    The carbohydrates are the main source that your body uses up for energy. The protein help in muscle building so they cannot be cut down drastically. Any extra carbohydrate gets converted into fat. If you cut on the carbohydrates, your body will have to burn the fat reserves to get the required energy. Hint hint!!

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    Alter your eating routine:

    Eat with breaks. Instead of three main meals, cut it down to five light ones. Go for fresh fruits in breakfast and vegetables in lunch. Get proteins from sources like fish and skinless chicken in supper. Have your supper at least three hours before going to bed. Avoid late night snacking because you tend to cross your calorie thresholds when your metabolism rate has gone slow. Make weekly plans with meals that are under the calorie limits but are appealing at the same time.

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    Burn the calories:

    Exercise in any form, be it jogging, skipping, aerobics or even dance classes. Anything that increases your metabolism rate and takes you away the pounds on your body comes under exercise. Changing your diet will have no benefits until you spend your day being a couch potato. Get up and find out what exercise best suits and interests you.

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    Incorporate work out into your routine:

    This is what irritates fitness guides the most. You exercise like a diehard enthusiast one day and you find all the excuses in the world to keep away from it the very next day. Exercise for a small portion of time but do it regularly. Make a routine. You do not have to exercise for more than half an hour in most cases which is not much of a big price to pay for a healthy body. Dance is a form of fun exercise that you will enjoy doing. Belly dancing is known to help a lot with weight loss. Turn on the music and get dancing. You will never know when the pounds drop quietly. Exercising with friends and support group also prevents boredom.

    Try new exercises instead of a single one which will bore you. Different exercises tone different parts of the body. So when you try multiple ones, it has an overall impact.

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