Difference Between AFM and STM Electron Microscope

Many believe that Atomic Force Microscope and Scanning Tunneling Microscope are same kinds of microscopes, however with advancement in research and other studies show that both are different from each-other and have various different aspects of their each tool and molecular fields. The Atomic Force Microscope gives you precise image of a moving object while Scanning Tunneling Microscope makes direct contact with the surface and calculates the chemical bonding in AFM. Though it is a slight difference but still many do not consider it and feel that both microscopes are relatively the same.


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    Atomic Force Microscope is very helpful giving you precise image quality of a moving object with a very small nanometer size. The tip across the surface of the image and the moving object are difficult to capture but with Atomic Force Microscope, you will easily be able to see any nanometer size object. It makes the direct contact with the object or image and gives you a very clear view. It is also possible that the surface of the object is not clear enough but still with the help of Atomic Force Microscope, you can direct the image by calculating the quantum degree.

    - Image Courtesy: barrett-group.mcgill.ca

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    Some say Microscope Scanning Tunneling Microscope is a revolutionary microscope and gives higher qualities unlike any other microscope. Some sat that it is true revolution within the atomic level in addition to molecular fields while the advancement is still happening in this field. Microscope Scanning Tunneling Microscope does not make direct contact with the image and its overall quality of the image is sometimes blurry. STM images indirectly calculate the quantum degree and the main between the probe and sample. The STM tip gives more distance from the surface. Nowadays the Microscope Scanning Tunneling Microscope is widely being used in nano technology. On the other hand, some experts say that whenever you need to get the real difference, you should always check the force and distance in Microscope Scanning Tunneling Microscope.

    - Image Courtesy: helmholtz-berlin.de

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