Difference Between StringBuffer and StringBuilder

StringBuffer and StringBuilder are two different characteristics of Java and its object oriented language. StringBuffer class was introduced in JDK 1.0, while StringBuilder was introduced in JDK 1.5 as both classes belong to the java.lang package. Since the introduction of this object oriented language, StringBuffer and StringBuilder have become string classes of this language that basically hold the inner sequence of all the characteristics. Java programming can get very complex and certain parts cannot extend further. To avoid extra complications in programming, StringBuffer and StringBuilder class play their respective roles.

If the mutable thread-safe of a specific program hold the String object, the StringBuffer can change its initializing. It is done through a specific method again and again to insert specific integers. Along with many others, there are two main principles working in the StringBuffer class, such as append and insert methods. These methods and techniques are quite overloaded, still they have unique susceptibility to transform into other methods with minor changes. These methods are also inclined to accept data of any type just to integrate with the overall class of Java classification. The procedure of these two methods has evolved and now it basically transforms input data into output and generate specific code that is later called Java script language.

StringBuilder was introduced to replace the earlier class for single thread application. This class is also a generic class of java.lang.object and since it is the final class, it cannot be extended. Though StringBuilder and StringBuffer are quite similar but still the synchronization of this class gives quite a different detail to StringBuilder. This class is relatively faster as well. Implementation of Serializable, Appendable and CharSequience interfaces happen in StringBuilder.


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    StringBuffer was introduced in JDK 1.0. This class basically belongs to the java.lang package and largely inherits from the generic programming of Java language. Java.lang.object is another class that cannot extend it further during a certain program. This class implements specific characteristics on programming such as Serializable, Appendable and CharSequience interfaces.

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    StringBuilder is a part of the string language of Java and assists in holding inner sequences of all the characteristics. Its functioning is almost similar to StringBuffer but its certain other attributes and features separate it from other string languages.

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