Difference between Air Multiplier and Fan

These days, the temperature is becoming hotter and hotter and one of the main reasons for this is the factor of global warming throughout the world and the globe. Global warming is increasing these days at an incredible rate and the meaning of this is that the earth is becoming warmer and warmer with each passing day. This means that the temperature of the earth as a whole is increasing with the passage of time and this had made the life much more difficult for the people who are populating the earth. The main difficulties have come in for the people who live in the hotter regions of the globe.

The hotter regions of the globe are the places which are near to the equator. The poles are the equator and the warmest places and the temperature there is immensely high. Now once the temperature all around the world is getting high, the summers for the people are becoming more and more difficult to pass and absorb. For this, they need a lot of things that can be used to counter the effect of the heat that is continuously growing over the globe with the passage of each single day. Air multiplier and a fan are two different things but most of the people in the world make the common mistake that the two are the same. The two can be said to be used for similar purposes but in fact are not the same exactly. The reason for the usage of the two is to provide air to the people who are suffering from the heat around the globe and these two are the most common things that are used now days to counter the effect of hotness.

An air multiplier can be regarded as the thing which is used to multiply the air that is already present in the place. This is mostly used in front of the fans so that their efficiency is enhanced. Air fans are the other type of thing which are used to give air in the first place to the people.


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    Air Multiplier:

    Air multiplier is a machine that is used in front of an air fan so that the efficiency of the fan is increased.

    - Image Courtesy: engadget.com

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    A fan is the basic component which is used to provide air to the people so that the effect of heat is countered in the increasing state of global warming around the earth.

    - Image Courtesy: gfcfans.com

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