Difference Between Art and Design

For many people, art and design may not seem to be very different, but in reality the two words are totally different and apply to different things. Artists and designers are well known for their creativity when it comes to composing eye candy and compositions that really take a while for the normal human mind to understand.

Not all designers are in the realm of the artists, while not all artists want themselves to be understood as designers as well. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two unless you get into the nitty-gritty details.

The first difference between the two is the fact that art is something that inspires the viewer, while design on the other hand, motivates. This is a major difference between the two that should get you thinking straight away.

Art can also be taken in many different ways. It is not important that everyone who is looking at a piece of art is thinking about the same thing, but in fact, that is the whole point of art that it should stimulate the senses. Design is something that is universally understood to be standing for one thing by everyone, instead of being interpreted like the way art is.

When thinking about taste, it is not possible that everyone would like the same work of art. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to art, but when people talk in regards to design, it is rather an opinion based option to suggest differences and not anything that has to do with taste.

Talent is required by an artist to make good art that in the end, appeals to the masses and not just a select few. Good design cannot be made by everyone and instead, requires years of practice and ultimately skills to handle it in a professional manner.


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    Be it a scribble or a landscape, masterpieces come in different forms and shapes and depending on the type of person viewing, you are nearly guaranteed to get a different response on what the painting is trying to say. This is what makes it art and separates it from others since there is no one single way of talking about it.

    - Image Courtesy: artleisure.wordpress.com

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    Being able to follow the latest trends and styles gives a designer the ability to create appealing designs. There are always opinions on how a design could be better, but skills are needed to do so.

    - Image Courtesy: montekservices.com

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