Difference between John Kerry and Hillary Clinton

There are politicians who are not only well known in their country but overseas as well. Some of them have an impact that is far reaching and their actions can have a crucial part in how a certain issue ends up.

Two such names that come to mind are the American politicians John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Both are influential personalities and have held some of the most important positions in the US Government.

There are some major differences between the two of them as John Kerry took up politics at a young age and remained a US Senator on several occasions. Hillary Clinton only took up serious politics after her husband, former President Bill Clinton, left office.

John Kerry was able to win the primaries for the Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2004 and lost in a close election. Hillary Clinton on the other hand lost to current President Barrack Obama in the primaries despite being tipped as the favourite to be the Democratic Nominee for the President.

Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of the State from 2009-2013. The position has now been assumed by John Kerry.


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    John Kerry

    He is currently the Secretary of State for the United States. He is a former Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party and lost the 2004 election in a close battle with former President George W. Bush.

    Kerry has previously served in the US armed forces as well during the Vietnam War. He was one of the anti-war campaigners on the return to US from the Vietnam War during the 70’s.

    He has been a senator from the State of Massachusetts since 1985 and only left the seat after taking up the position of Secretary of State.

    During his stint in the Senate, John Kerry has held some important positions and he is regarded as an important part of American politics by many countries. He is also one of the most respected politicians domestically.

    He maintains traditional Roman Catholic religious beliefs.

    - Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

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    Hillary Clinton

    She is a former New York State Senator as well as a former Secretary of State who has recently left office. She is the wife of former President Bill Clinton. She contested the elections for Senate for the first time in 2001 and remained in office until 2009 when she became a part of Barack Obama’s cabinet.

    Hillary Clinton also participated in the 2008 primaries and after giving Barrack Obama a tough time early, lost the race. She was highly anticipated to be the first female presidential candidate and possible first female president as well. However, that did not materialise.

    Hillary Clinton comes from a United Methodist family.

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