Difference between Australian Cattle Dog and Blue Heeler

There is not much of a difference between the Australian cattle dog and the Blue Heeler, as both these breeds have a similar body structure, shape, size and weight. However, they do have a few dissimilar characteristics, which one needs to be aware of.

Whenever you go to buy a dog, you should understand the difference between different breeds in terms of their overall behaviour and loyalty. Some people might need a dog for herding purposes whereas others might want it for guarding.


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    Whatever your requirements are, you need to look for specialists dogs accordingly. There are some dogs, which have got extremely good tracking abilities, so they can be used for finding the hunted animals or to search suspicious things.

    Other than that, there are a few hounds, which have got an exceptional speed, so you can keep them for greyhound racing. Moreover, children love to have dogs full of energy, so you need to buy one, which is always active.

    Apart from all these features, you also have to look for the variety of colours available in a particular breed of dog. When you have to make a choice between the Australian cattle dog and the Blue Heeler, the most important feature is the colour differences between the two. Both these loyal animals are good to have as pets, but you might not like the colour patterns in any of the two.

    As the name suggests, the Blue Heeler has a bluish tint whereas the Australian cattle dog is available in numerous colours.

    Although the weight and size of both these dog breeds is the same, the Australian cattle dog is slightly heavier and larger than the Blue Heeler. You cannot see the difference with the naked eye, as it is a minor one.

    One interesting thing is that the Australian cattle dog is the main breed and it has various other kinds of sub-breeds available in it. The Blue Heeler is also one type of Australian cattle dog.

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    Blue heeler

    This hound is a form of Australian cattle dog and has a unique bluish tint to their coat.

    Image Courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

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    Australian cattle dog

    As their name suggests, these dogs are found in Australia and are extremely loyal to their owners. They are not that aggressive, but can attack strangers if they feel trapped.

    Image Courtesy: humansbestfriend.blogspot.com

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