Difference between Bernese mountain dog And Saint Bernard

Some dog breeds have a lot of common traits and features. Not only do they look similar, but can have almost similar characteristics, which can make it really difficult for a novice to differentiate between them. On the other hand, you can easily identify changes between some of the dog breeds by simply looking at them. Two  such dogs are Bernese Mountain and  Saint Bernard. Although they are cousins, yet they have got a lot of characteristics which set them apart.

Once you take a look at Bernese Mountain and  Saint Bernard, you will be easily able to judge that they are different dog breeds. Some of the differences which are not that apparent have been explained in this article.

Saint Bernard is a giant dog, infact one of the largest hounds in the world. It can reach a height of 70 to 90 centimetres and can weigh around 60 to 120 kilograms, which makes it appear quite heavy. Compared to that, the Bernese Mountain is not that large and also weighs lesser. It can reach a height of 70 centimetres at max whereas the adult dog can weigh up to 55 kilograms, if it is very healthy.

The average age of a Bernese Mountain dog is 10 to 11 years, which is quite high more compared to other dog breeds.  The Saint Bernard has got a lesser average life span, but it can still live up to 10 years.

The Bernese Mountain are found in black, white, and rust colours; they resemble the Swiss mountain breed. The Saint Bernards are found in only two colours. A rough outer coat of fur is a distinguishing factor of the Bernese Mountain whereas the Saint Bernards have got shorter hair on their body. Moreover, they also have some hair on the base of their tail and legs. Since the Bernese Mountains have got a lot of hair on their body, they need some grooming, otherwise they look really wild. In comparison to them, the Saint Bernards don’t require much care.


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    Bernese mountain dog

    These dogs belong to the Sennunhunds family and are found in Switzerland. They are are huge and can really adapt to pet life.

    Image Courtesy: modthesims.info

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    Saint Bernard

    Saint Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds found in the world. Their origin leads back to Italy and Switzerland.

    Image Courtesy: getit.in

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