Difference between Model and Framework

Although, the terms model and framework are often used as synonyms, but there is a considerable difference between the two. A model is used to explain or represent a mechanism and operation of some process or thing. If you put the word ‘conceptual’ before model, then it will represent something which is in the mind of the person regarding a process or any other thing.

On the other hand, a framework is used to represent an empirical relationship between all the aspects of an inquiry in the scientific theory or any other research. It also explains the limitations of the theory and other genera aspects which direct the framework.


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    A model can be defined as something which is being used to represent any other thing or phenomenon. It is a replacement of the original product. There are two main types of models which include physical and conceptual model. The physical model can be seen and touched but the conceptual model is the existence of something just in the mind of a person.

    Furthermore, it can also be deemed as a theoretical construct which identify and explains the relationship between different logical and quantitative elements in a set of variables. It has great significance in the explanation of scientific processes and phenomena. It can assume a situation which is given in any framework by making new hypothesis or changing or removing the existing one in order to test the underlying theory. Quantum theory is considered as one of the best examples of a conceptual model which can very well tested by using different techniques.

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    It is used in conducting different kinds of researches. It represents the complete picture of all the variables which are taken to create an understanding about a certain topics. Some variable are independent and some are dependent. Every variable has different elements which are associated with each in particular way. In order to find out the direction of the relationship so as to test the hypothesis, you will have to make a complete framework.

    A good conceptual framework explains the concepts, ideas and all the other perspectives of the research which is being conducted in a profound manner. Besides, it makes it easy for the reader to learn about the process, relationship of variables, direction the relationship and its intensity.

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