Difference between Bullhead and Catfish

Many people fail to determine the difference between Bullhead and catfish and confuse them as the same species. However, that is not the case and there is a considerable difference between the two types of fish.

Bullheads have flat heads and are usually shorter in length whereas Catfish are sleeker and are longer in length. Bullheads are usually up to 14 inches in length whereas Catfish are longer and can be around 20 inches in length.

Bullheads have lesser weight in comparison to the Catfish. They weigh at about 2 pounds whereas catfish may weigh around 25 pounds which is a huge difference.

There is also a major difference in the colour of the two fish. While Bullheads are brown and yellow in colour, catfish are found in blue, silver and white colours.

Bullheads and catfish have a different diet also. Bullheads eat snails, aquatic insects and seaweed whereas catfish eat live fish.

One of the main differences between the two is the habitat. Bullheads are found mostly at the bottom of the sea as they can tolerate low levels of oxygen. They also lay their eggs at the bottom. On the other hand, catfish cannot tolerate low levels of oxygen so they swim close to the water level and lay their eggs in tunnels.


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    Bullheads are fish that have flat heads and are usually shorter in size. Their weight also varies but is in between one or two pounds. These types of fish have spines on their fins which they generally use to defend themselves.

    Bullheads usually eat aquatic insects, snails, clams and seaweed. They can survive low oxygen in the sea so they remain at the bottom and also lay their eggs there. They lay their eggs in late summer and have the tendency to breathe through their skin.

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    Catfish are fish that have narrow mouths and are longer in length. The size may vary from 15 to 20 inches in total which is why they have a heavier weight in comparison to other fish. The weight is usually around 25 pounds.

    Catfish eat live fish and some of the larger ones are also known to devour birds. These types of fish cannot tolerate low levels of oxygen which is why they swim close to the surface of the sea. They usually prefer clear running streams or running water. They lay eggs in under logs or tunnels.

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