Difference between Doula and Midwife

It is very important to decide who will be there for you throughout your pregnancy and even at the time of delivery. In developed countries, there is a concept of midwife and doula but unfortunately such facilities are not available in the third world.

Hundreds and thousands of mothers die every year just because of the unavailability and unawareness of medical procedures. That is why, it’s really important to choose the right person to help you bring your baby into this world.

A doula is responsible to help and guide you during pregnancy and delivery. Though, the basic purpose of a doula and midwife is the same but there are few slight differences that make them unique.

To understand their difference, you will have to keep all aspects in mind. It includes their qualification, clinical experience, performance and scope of what they can do.

A midwife does not need a special degree but they must go through a certain training period. When they are done with the training then Midwifery Educational Accreditation Council (MEAC) awards them a certificate. Meanwhile, a doula does not need any special kind of training as her duty is not that technical. Her main job is to just be there for you and your baby. Their competency is measured through experience of live births.

A midwife can prescribe some specific medicines and also have the permission to perform necessary examination in the absence of a gynaecologist. She can advise you some birth control medication, women’s health and infant care. However, a doula is not authorised to prescribe any kind of medicine.

There are two types of doulas, birth doula and postpartum doula, whereas the story is entirely different in the case of a midwife. They do not have such categories. Moreover, a doula can also perform some other non-medical actions such as rubbing and massage.


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    A midwife is a certified medical assistant who can help you during pregnancy. Their main purpose is to provide more intimate care than a doctor. They can work in private after getting a license. Midwife based clinics are common in developed countries and parents choose them to get through the critical period of pregnancy.

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    A doula’s job is bit non-technical as they are just responsible to cater to all non medical needs of the mother. A doula can be with the mother throughout the pregnancy, delivery and even post-birth. Doula's help the new mother in taking care of the baby and healing after childbirth.

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