Difference Between Business Management and Administration

In the past few decades, almost all the renowned educational institutions have introduced many different programmes related to business studies. Although, the core courses which are being studied by the students in Business Management and Business Administration are almost the same, but there is a slight difference in the application of the study. Business Management seeks to develop leadership qualities in the individuals who work in an organisation. On the other hand, Business Administration can be defined as a process which is used to organise people and resources in the business.


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    Business Management

    It focuses on developing business skills in the employees of the organisation so that they may be able to take the leadership of all the internal and external affairs. Moreover, it is a study which shows the guidelines for defining the goals and objectives of the organisation and the strategies which can be implemented to achieve the targets. In addition, it led down the rules and standards which must be followed by the people in the organisation.

    Business Management covers the areas of staffing, directing, planning, organising and controlling. In staffing, the individuals are recruited and assigned their respective duties and responsibilities according to their work and educational background. Directing is to show the ways to the individuals by which they can achieve the targets of the organisation. Planning involves the strategy development and goal setting. Organising involves the implementation of the plans. Controlling is to keep an eye on the performance of the employees and to notice whether the targets are being met according to the standards or not. Besides, management is also involved in the decision making of the organisation at all levels.

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    Business Administration

    In technical terms, Business Administration is a process which is used to organise the resources. There are basically two types of organisational resources namely physical and human. Physical resources include plant, machinery, furniture, fixture, materials and vehicles etc. It is easier to administer the physical resources as compared to the human resource as people have feelings which have strong influence on their performance.

    Business Administration focuses on the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, organisational behaviour, economics, business law and information systems. It is more confined to the operations of the business instead of developing the strategies.

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