Difference between Cane Corso and Boerboel

Cane Corso and the Boerboel are two extremely rare dog breeds and are not among the common pet dog species. However, they are considered to be two of the most loyal dogs and it is ideal to have them in your house, especially if you want them for security purposes.

Although these dogs have got quite a few similarities when it comes to their temperament, yet they don’t belong to the same family and if you are not an expert on dogs, you might not be able to distinguish between the two. However, knowing just a few important features will help you identify the kind you are looking for.

First of all, you need to judge the physical appearance of the two dog breeds. The cane corso is a huge dog and can reach a height of about 62 to 69 centimetres. However, it does not weigh too much and ranges between 40 to 50 kilograms, depending on the health of the dog.

On the other hand, the boerboel is also amongst the largest dog breeds found on the planet. It can reach a height of 70 centimetres, which is slightly more than the cane corso. Moreover, it weighs around 50 to 80 kilograms, which means that it has got more mass on the body and looks heavier.

However, despite having so much mass on its body, the boerboel has got a very neat skin. It can be groomed quite easily as compared to some of the other dog breeds with long hair and fur on the body.

When it comes to hunting, the cane corso is a very good choice. It has got a strong body and knows how to kill the prey after catching it. Since it doesn’t weigh too much, it has got a decent speed too. Compared to that, the boerboel is good to find the hunted animals. For example, if you have shot some bird down at quite a distance and need to find it, the best way of doing so is sending your boerboel for the search.

While the cane corso is mostly found in fawn or black colours, the boerboel comes in numerous colours such as fawn, black, brown, red, brindle, piebald, and Irish markings.


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    Cane corso

    This dog belongs to the Italian Molosser group and is a very good guardian. However, it should be handled with care, as it can be aggressive at times.

    Image Courtesy: canecorsodog.net

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    This is an old dog breed found in South Africa. It is extremely loyal to the owners, but can be a touch aggressive towards strangers.

    Image Courtesy: doggshaven.blogspot.com

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