Difference between Cane Corso and Kangal

Although most people like keeping dogs as pets, they are unaware of all the different breeds, especially the ones, which are not commonly found everywhere. However, you should be aware of various dog breeds and conduct the proper research before buying one.

You will find numerous dissimilarities between different kinds of dogs. Some of them are quite large and look unfriendly whereas others look small and seem to be full of energy. You should not judge by their appearance as all dogs are always loyal to their owners.

However, you should make a choice according to your needs. If you want a dog for hunting purposes, you need to research the ones with better tracking abilities. On the other hand, you should look for ones with full energy, if you wish to keep them as pets for children.


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    Two large dog breeds are the Cane Corso and Kangal, which are not quite famous but can be extremely useful. Before making a choice between these two animals, you should know the differences between their characteristics.

    First of all, you should be aware of the height and weight of these two dog breeds. The Kangal is quite large in size and can reach a height of over 80 centimetres. Moreover, it weighs around 66 kilograms in males whereas the females have a maximum weight of 54 kilograms.

    On the other hand, the Cane Corso is also a large dog but it can reach a height of 62 centimetres. Furthermore, it weighs between 40 to 50 kilograms.

    Although they look dangerous because of their size, Kangals are more friendly and don’t mind other pets around them. They can also become friends with strangers so you can easily keep them safely at home.

    However, the Cane Corso isn’t quite friendly, when it comes to strangers and other pets. Despite that, this dog breed is extremely loyal to their owners.

    Cane Corsos are available in various colours as compared to Kangals. However, you will not find a black mask feature in Cane Corsos, which is found in Kangals.

    Ok let us move on to specific breeds.

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    Cane Corso

    This is a large Italian dog breed, kept mostly for hunting and guarding purposes. It belongs to the Italian Molosser family.


    This is the national dog breed of Turkey and it quite friendly with everyone. Kangal is also known as sheep dog and belongs to the mastiff family.

    Image Courtesy: forum.donanimhaber.com

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