Difference between Crossbow and Compound Bow

Many archers use crossbow and compound bow for various purposes including hunting and participating in different archery competitions. Basically, crossbow and compound bow are the most effective archery weapons and people use them according to their requirements. These archery weapons are completely different from each other in their making and usage as well.

A crossbow is considered more effective archery weapon when it comes to hit a target that is at a longer distance. Whereas, a compound bow is not that effective for hitting long distance targets. A crossbow helps the archer to save the energy as it does not require pulling the string for holding and releasing the arrow while a compound bow requires force while shooting an arrow.  Continue to read the rest in steps below.


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    A compound bow is lighter in weight as compared to a crossbow that has a locking mechanism which makes it heavy. A compound bow is easy to hold by the archer because it is smaller in size as compared to the crossbow. Archers prefer crossbow when it comes to hunt in a forest where silence is required because it produces less noise than a compound bow. A compound bow helps the archer to hit the target more accurately while the level or accuracy goes down by using a crossbow.


    Crossbow is a commonly known archery weapon all over the world which is not only used in different competitions but also used for hunting purposes. It is basically a weapon system in which the arrow or projectile is fired with a locked string. The archer just aims at the target and pulls the trigger of crossbow to release the arrow. Usually, a crossbow is fixed on a wooden base which is also known as wooden plank. Learning archery skills becomes very easy with crossbow which is very easy to use even for beginners.

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    Compound Bow:

    A compound bow is built or prepared with a system of pulleys on its both ends. A string is passed through the pulleys on both ends for pressing its limbs which are made of carbon compound. The archer pulls the string and holds the arrow for a while and then leaves the string to release the arrow at the target. The archer needs to be fit as using a compound bow requires energy for holding the arrow for a longer period of time. The compound bow competitions are held in Olympic Games and the best archers from all over the world participate in this mega event to prove their archery skills.

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