Difference between Doberman and Beauceron

Since a Doberman and a Beauceron are visually very similar, it is difficult to tell the differences between the two dog breeds. However, there are some evident differences between a Doberman and a Beauceron. The Beauceron dominates the Doberman in terms of intelligence and because of this, it is easy to train a Beauceron than to train a Doberman.

Another differentiating factor between the Doberman and the Beauceron is their size. Generally, Dobermans are medium to large in size whereas Beaucerons are only medium sized dogs. This difference can be further understood in the fact that the height of a Doberman can be between 72 and 75 centimetres whereas a Beauceron is generally 61 to 70 centimetres in height.

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    The nature of their coats can also be used to differentiate a Doberman from a Beauceron. Dobermans have smooth coats which feel soft to the touch. On the other hand, Beaucerons have rough coats and feel quite hard.

    A major difference between Dobermans and Beaucerons is the ease with which each of the dog breeds can be found. A Doberman is very easy to find while a Beauceron is highly rare and is difficult to acquire.

    Dobermans serves mainly as guard dogs whereas Beaucerons are more commonly used for herding sheep and goats. Last, but not the least, a Beauceron takes more time for complete mental development as compared to a Doberman.

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    Doberman is a domestic dog breed which was developed for the first time by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann at the end of the 19th century. Doberman is an intelligent dog and remains very loyal towards its master for their entire life.

    Generally, Dobermans are considered to be ferocious and aggressive and for this reason, they are used primarily as guard dogs.

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    Beaucerons are a member of the working dog category. These dogs are used for herding as well as guarding purposes. Beaucerons are also referred to as Berger de Beauce (sheepdog from Beauce) or Bas Rouge (red-stockings).

    Generally, a Beauceron is very calm and gentle in nature. However, on the slightest provocation, it becomes fearless and can act as a perfect guard dog just like a Doberman.

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