Difference between Duel and Dual

Duel and dual may sound as almost one and the same thing but in actual, they are not. There is a world of difference between the two things and while many people consider that the two may be seen as one thing, they actually are quite different than each other. The main thing because of which the people consider that the two words may mean the same thing or may be related to each other in sense of the meaning is that they have almost the same spellings. Mostly these types of things happen in English language as the words which have the spellings that are almost similar are usually synonyms and may carry the same meaning, but in this case it doesn’t apply at all. Duel is regarded as a fight between two people and has a totally opposite and different meaning than dual. In fact, it is not the opposite as the opposite of fight or a duel may be considered as peace or a treaty in which two people might not engage in to war. The opposite may also be termed as friendship between two people. Dual on the other hand has a meaning that has nothing to do with a duel. Dual means two. Dual is these days being widely used in the field of the technology. Like these days, dual core computers are very common. This means that the computers have two processors inside them which make their functioning much faster than the computers which do not contain the attribute and the abilities of the dual core. Dual also can be used in many ways such as in the term of fights, balls etc. There is no connection at all between the two words and this is something very astonishing. People however, fail to understand this and many of these think that the two words are the same and the meaning of the two words may also be the same. In fact this does not apply to these two words and they are separate words with separate and unique meanings.


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    A duel can be termed as a fight between two people. The fight is almost always taken as a battle between two people and the fact that it is between two people may raise suspicions in the minds of the people who think that duel and dual are the same things.

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    Dual means two. It accounts to the existing of two things and does not have any connection with the word Duel.

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