Difference Between Emo and Punk

Emo and Punk are two different genres of music. Some people think that both are the same when in fact they are quite different from each other. Around the world many music lovers always hear about emo and punk but they hardly try to understand the true meaning or true difference of both these music genres. When it comes to music genres many people are not aware of the actual meaning behind some of the different labels like emo or punk that is put on a particular type or style of music. Some relate to both terms with broad rock music however it is not what actually means of emo and punk. Emo is mostly related to emotional songs. Though many say that many songs which we call as emo are not always sad, emotionally high and gloomy but at the same time emo music is close to one’s personal issues and problems. Punk on the other hand, relates more to social injustice in a particular society and also has different political themes which can sound rather harsh through the lyrics and style of music.


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    Emo music first gain popularity in the early 70’s and late 80’s with growing problems and issues many people started to face. When people started to write songs about the difficulties they face in their daily lives, it became a social norm that this type of music will be called emo related to the emotional imbalance in any individual’s life. Many say that emo music only relates to sad and gloomy songs but you also need to understand that its not about that type of songs but this genre of music also relates to the problems of any individual and pressing issues. Some say that emo is the kind of music which is charged up and talks about emotional instability. Many who are depressed and have many personal problems love this kind of music.

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    Punk on the other hand, is a different type of music which is usually related to social issues, social injustice as well as political themes. Many governments around the world call this type of music not suitable for ordinary people as this type of music shows awareness among people regarding concepts of peace and unity. Many radical governments also call this type of music anarchist. This is very important that you should know about the punk music genre and then make out the clear difference between the two music genres.

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