Difference between Geek and Dork

Once you take classes out of equation, school is an extremely fun place. There are so many nice people to hang out with, so many fun activities to be part of. School indeed is a fun place to be at.

This, however, is not true if a kid ends up getting a reputation of being a geek or dork. Getting tagged as either of the two things makes a person become a primary target for bullies. The terms are not the sort of adjectives that you would use to describe a person that you like or respect, which makes it pretty obvious that geeks and dorks have a tough time at school.

A lot of people are oblivious to the fact that geek and dork are actually two different terms and refer to two different types of people.

One of the biggest differences between the word geek and dork is that the former refers to a person or people that are geniuses, whereas the latter refers to a person or people that are socially inept. This basically indicates that the word geek is not exactly a derogatory terms, but is in fact a compliment since it is describing the other person as a genius or someone who is passionate and learned about technology.

The same things, however, cannot be said about dork. The word is meant to be an insult and there is no other way to look at it. It is used for people who are socially retarded to say the least. Unlike geeks, who are smart and into technology and gadgets, dorks earn this tag by doing foolish stuff in public, thus getting their intellect doubted.

Another difference between geek and dork is that while a person can take pride in being called a geek, it is really hard to feel okay with being called a dork.

A geek does not have trouble making friends, though his social circle most comprises of fellow geeks or kids who need a genius in their circle to help them with assignments and technology. A dork, on the other hand, is not the people’s first choice of including in their social circle as he is somewhat of a social embarrassment.


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    Though described as a socially inept person, a geek basically describes a person who has an eccentric devotion to technology, especially computers.

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    Dork is a derogatory term that is used for someone who is considered socially inept, dull and dim-witted.

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