Difference between Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab

The main character that sets the two dog breeds apart is the coat. The yellow Lab has short hair with a soft undercoat which makes it nearly waterproof. On the other hand, Golden Retrievers have long hair with an undercoat. This breed also has a lot of hair on the legs, underside of the tail, neck and under the body. The yellow Lab can have light cream to fox red colour, much like Golden Retrievers. While appearing different, these dogs share almost the same habits and are very responsive to commands that are given to them by their owners/trainers.


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    Golden Retriever

    Bred in the 1800s by a Scottish lord, Lord Tweedmouth, this breed is reliable, intelligent and a perfect hunting dog which would eagerly retrieve birds or other animals shot by its owner. These dogs are very energetic and have the tendency to roam about. However, they are also very loving and take care of their owners and their kids. This dog is instinctively attracted to water unlike many other breeds which prefer to avoid water. The high level of intelligence makes this medium sized dog ideal for other roles such as guide dogs and illegal drug detectors. These dogs are also used in search and rescue operations.

    Their friendly nature and intelligence makes them easy to train as they respond well to instructions. These are loyal dogs which will walk with their owner to hell if they have to. This kind, friendly and confident dog deserves a chance to be a pet if you plan on finding one which listens to you and obeys every command and instruction.

    Image Courtesy: mypetsmart.com

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    Yellow Lab

    This medium-sized breed is a perfect human companion, given its intelligence and calmness. Originally a gun dog, the yellow lab is now the preferred pet by many all over the world. The early yellow labs were called St. John's Water Dogs; however, this early breed ceased to exist as a pure breed, and later the existing Labrador retriever breed came into existence in the 1870s. In 1903, this breed was recognised by the English Kennel Club and then in 1917 it was recognised by the American Kennel Club (AKC). In the US, this is a very popular breed. Initially, Labs were black and the puppies with yellow and brown colours were considered genetic mistakes and slaughtered. Finally, in the 20th century the yellow colour became acceptable.

    Yellow labs are also very friendly to children and are perfect for babysitting.

    Image Courtesy: luckylabradors.com

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