Difference between Loft and Apartment

If you are in the real estate business then you will be well aware of these two words. It is commonly used by property brokers and builders. Nowadays there is a new term, loft apartment which confuses the buyers and compels them to think that they are the same thing. Although most know that an apartment is an independent unit which is constructed inside a large building, we still tend to confuse these two words. There are a few similarities between the two but also many differences that will be discussed.

Lofts are sometimes also known as attics as they are below the roof and these are most commonly used for storing things in the house. In earlier times, a loft was used to give additional space. It was usually filled with less used items of the house. As the times have changed, so has the meaning of this word. The modern day builders use it for small studio apartments to give the false impression that they are large spaces for living. In commercial buildings, it is an open space which is large and has a high ceiling so it gives a big effect. These open spaces are made into small apartments which the builders have started naming loft apartments.

Apartments are found in large buildings. An apartment building usually has many stories and common stairways to be used by all those living in the different apartments as they also share the same roof. It is different from a house as it has many tenants or different owner for each apartment. These apartments are either rented out or sold off. They have become a popular mode of living as there is scarcity of space in the cities because of increasing population and commercial construction. Also, they are relatively affordable for those on a budget. Many owners of various properties start constructing big apartment buildings on their land as it is very profitable to rent out each unit. The large metropolitan cities have many such buildings. Apartments are either two bedrooms or three bedrooms usually with toilets, kitchen and a living room.


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    Loft was traditionally used to represent an open area which is below the ceiling of any building or a house.

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    Apartment is a set of rooms inside an ample building which consists of many other such units. The other name used for it is a flat and in US it is called a condominium.

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