Difference between Jesuit and Catholic

A person who is a member of the Society of Jesus is called a Jesuit which is a religious order in Catholicism. They are considered more liberal than the Catholics while having the same religious beliefs. This order was instituted by Pope Paul III in order to defend and spread Christianity by all means possible. The member of the Jesuit society are considered ordained priests, however, this is not the case in the Catholic religion. Since Jesuits are a branch of Catholics, not many differences exist between them. Both are followers of the Christian faith according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.


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    The basic objective of Jesuits is to spread Christianity throughout the world and for that they have excelled in order to educate people about their religion. These are now basically religious schools preaching Christianity. This order was originally called the Company of Jesus and founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola which reflected that Jesus Christ was the one true leader of the order. This order also reflects brotherhood, unity and soldier spirit.

    The name was later changed to Societas Jesu in Latin, while Jesuit was not the official name of the order.

    According to historical evidence, Ignatius Loyola, who founded the order wanted to be a soldier, however, his leg was smashed under a cannonball and he then spent a considerable amount of time in castle of Loyola during his recovery period. Here he read many religious books and then decided he needed to be a soldier of Christ and his wish became true when he along with his six friends were commissioned by the then Pope as Generals.

    The spread of Islam was the basic matter of concern for Catholics and among them the Jesuits paid special attention towards converting Muslims into Christianity.

    The lost Catholic Church areas were recaptured by the army of the Jesuits, spreading education and missionary work everywhere they went. It was due to the efforts of the Jesuits that by the middle of the 16th century, their religion had reached Japan, Ethiopia and Brazil.

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    Catholic is a branch of Christianity and the followers of this branch are called Catholics. It is important to note here that the Catholic Church follows the Bishop of Rome. The Catholic Church considers Protestant and Anglican Christians as non-Catholics.

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