Difference between Job Analysis and Job Description

Job Description is the most important component of the vacancy announcement. It should give the potential candidate an idea of ​​how this work is suitable for him for the available position and whether it makes sense to take the challenge.

The detailed description of the proposed position is a way to cut off part of the unsuitable applicants.

Job analysis is an ongoing process conducted by the employee after competently and correctly writing a report on the work done, knowing the basic requirements that are seeking something to him.


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    Job description:

    Among the first issues facing the person who is looking for a job is who will be the potential employer and what does he want you to do. So it will not be superfluous to report at least a few words about the company. For example, you can tell in the first sentence that the employee is looking for "a major commercial and industrial holding company" or, say, "well-known international IT-company." Try this short introduction to emphasize your strengths. If the company is a leader in something, be sure to mention this fact. Then you can move on to someone who needs it.

    Precisely specify the name of the position. It is desirable as it is written in the workbook and the contract. Now you need to go to the deciphering of the responsibilities. Do not forget to mention the other important parts: in the office or working remotely on a full-time or part-time etc. Further you can ask for desired qualities, education and experience of the desired candidate: Experience of work, knowledge, skills, language proficiency and the presence of a driver's license if relevant for the vacant positions. After the process, you should inform the applicant that he is short listed among other candidates. However, it all depends on the company policy. If you have a solid benefits package, be sure to tell about it. So, as a result, we have a complete description of the proposed work. It reveals all the nuances of the most interesting candidates.

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    Job Analysis:

    Job analysis helps the company find a person according to their criteria. This process involves collecting information about what you need to complete the job. In a weekly or monthly report, reflect only the specific work carried out and give numerical values ​​that characterize your work. In the event of any significant discrepancies in the figures for the previous reporting period, do an analysis of this phenomenon and provide reasons why this could happen.

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