Difference between Kundan and Polki

Indian jewellery is popular worldwide, especially amongst brides, who wish to enhance their beauty with the help of gold and diamonds on their wedding day. Although this jewellery is quite expensive, yet people don’t hesitate buying it.

Two of the most famous types of jewellery in India are kundan and polki. The former of the two was more popular during older times but trends have changed and women, especially celebrities prefer wearing polki on some special occasions.

If you search the images of both kundan and polki, you will be unable to find any differences between the two forms of jewellery. Their designs may be different but they still look quite similar. You need to take a specialist with you in order to find out the exact dissimilarities.

However, if you don’t know a professional, who can guide you with jewellery, you can separate the kundan and polki easily by knowing a few important features of the two.

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that polki is more expensive, as it makes use of original diamonds.

On the other hand, you can find the kundan jewellery with different stones, which can either be original or just glass imitations.


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    Some precious gemstones studded in gold make up kundan jewellery, which is worn by women all over the world. Since the gold prices are high, it cannot be afforded by everyone but there are a few techniques like using artificial stones, which help in making this type of jewellery less expensive. On the other hand, it is not necessary to use pure gold while preparing kundan, so that one can save some money and still feel special.

    Although kundan jewellery is still in fashion, it was more popular during the Mughal era in the Subcontinent. The person, who prepares this form of jewellery, is known as the kundan saaz.Image Courtesy: deepakjewellers.trustpass.alibaba.com

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    Just like kundan, there is usage of gold in polki. Despite that, both these types of jewellery are different from one another. The latter of the two makes use of diamonds studded in gold, which is why it is more popular amongst celebrities. Moreover, brides love wearing it as well, if they can afford it.

    Image Courtesy: indiatrendshop.com

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