Difference Between Showers and Rain

You may have heard both terms ‘Rain’ and ‘Showers’ in the TV broadcast. People usually consider them as two names of the same thing. But technically, there is a huge difference between rain and showers.

When it comes to coverage, rain mostly covers a large area. For example, you may have observed rain all across the city or state. On the other hand, showers don’t have any big coverage. It is possible that there are quick showers only in a small portion of city.

Rain is also different in terms of duration. Rains usually last longer than showers. They may continue for days at the same place. Showers, on the other hand, have a very short life. They take place only for a few minutes or a couple of hours.

Showers are more intense than rains. You have seen the roads flooding with water within an hour. Only a quick shower could create a situation of this nature. Rains are generally slow with no significant intensity.

Rains and showers are different in terms of occurrence as well. Unlike rain, showers start and end abruptly. You might have seen clouds coming from the Far East and covering the entire sky within a few minutes. Rains, on the contrary, have a longer build-up. Rain takes plenty of time, and does not start or end suddenly.

Another major difference is their origin. Rains generally come from stratus clouds, while the origin of the showers is cumulus cloud formations.


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    Rain is a very common phenomenon. Water evaporates from the earth, and turns into clouds. And whenever clouds reach at a certain place, they turn into water again and return to the surface. It is basically a water cycle. Rains are extremely important not only for human beings, but also for animals and plans.

    Man has invented great machinery to evaluate that where and how much rain is expected at one certain area. The scientists are even working on artificial rains.

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    Showers are pretty similar to the rain as far as the functioning is concerned. In simple words, a quick rain can be termed as showers. Usually, showers are not considered good for the crops, as they cause massive damage due to their high intensity. Showers mostly don’t make any significant change to the temperature, as you will feel equally warm once the showers stop after a few minutes.

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