Difference Between Leopard and Snow Leopard

Leopard and Snow Leopard are two of the most advanced operating systems on the Mac today. If you were looking for the animals, you will be disappointed to know that this is not the right place for you. Looking at the two operating systems; Leopard is the name for OS X version 10.5. Snow Leopard, on the other hand, is named for the version 10.6. Although at first look both operating systems look exactly the same, there are some key differences. Minor tweaks in the user interface and advanced improvement capabilities, snow leopard is a lot more user friendly than the leopard operating system.


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    When Leopard operating system was introduced by Apple a few years ago, everybody liked it. However, people wanted to see improvements and Appleā€™s answer to all those expectations was Snow Leopard operating system. The original Leopard software was very slow when compared to the latest version of Apple operating system. This was mainly due to the reason that a large amount of power was not utilised. Programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Excel encounter a lot of operating issues on Leopard and Apple has come up with the solution in the form of Snow Leopard OS.

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    It will not be a bad idea to spend a few extra bucks in exchange for new and improved capacity. The original Leopard operating system was quite cheap when it first came in the market. Snow Leopard is considerably expensive but it definitely gives great value for money. If you are looking to purchase an operating system package that can make your life easier, you will be glad to know that now there is product that can satisfy most of your operating requirements from your personal Macbook.

    Although there are not a lot of changes in the operating system of Snow Leopard when compared to the Leopard OS, the former has been coded to make the most of the processing power available to the system. Furthermore, the new operating system supports PC architecture and multi core processing. The amount of RAM is also greater than the Leopard operating system. A lot of power was not utilised in Leopard but this is not the case with the all new Snow Leopard that uses the untapped to maximum. Consequently, the application on the computer run smoothly and the benchmarks on the system also gained significantly.

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