Difference between Loose Skin and Fat

People often use the terms loose skin and fat in the same context. However, they are two different conditions and are caused by different factors.

Nevertheless, it is quite important to get rid of both these problems as soon as possible because they adversely affect your appearance. However, one cannot treat these problems properly until being aware of the actual differences between loose skin and fat.

Once you are aware of the differences and causes of these problems, you will be able to counter them properly. In order to make sure that you are not doing anything wrong, you should always consult a doctor, who is a specialist in this field.

The biggest difference between loose skin and fat is that one is visible to the naked eye and the other is not. If you have dry skin, wrinkles will start appearing on it pretty quickly and you will appear older than your age. Moreover, the skin will not remain tight and everyone will be able to see it.

If the skin is loose on your face, you cannot conceal it easily. However, you can hide the other parts of the body if they start loosening up. On the other hand, you cannot see actual fat with the naked eye. You will definitely be able to notice the problems it causes however, and should start working on it as soon as you start gaining a few inches on your waist.

Another difference between the two is that fat builds up inside the body and has nothing to do with the external layer, which is the skin. However, the effects of fat on your overall appearance can be seen clearly.

Compared to that, loose skin doesn’t really have much to do with the internal layer. This situation arises according to how you treat your outer layer. If you manage to keep it properly moisturised, you will look fresh and young.


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    Loose skin

    With age, skin, the external layer of the human body, starts getting loose. Wrinkles start appearing on it and one can clearly see the adverse effects. People normally associate this problem with the face, but you can have loose skin anywhere on your body.

    Image Courtesy: healthofficial.blogspot.com

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    Although some fats are good for your body, excess of them can cause a lot of problems. They consist of several compounds, which build up inside the body around muscles. They don’t have much to do with age, like skin, but can cause obesity and heart problems.

    Image Courtesy: shape.com

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