Difference between Moderation and Mediation

Moderation is a kind of human behaviour or an approach, especially in politics, which avoids any kind of extremes, and advocates a middle path. It is a process or approach which is used to eliminate or lessen extremes. On the other hand, mediation is the negotiation or arbitration conducted by an impartial party to resolve differences between two or more opposing sides. Mediation is considered an important aspect of human civilization, playing a crucial role in getting rid of conflicts that might range from a personal misunderstanding to tense relations between different countries.

Moderation and mediation are two completely different things – the former is a behavioural approach for individuals and societies, helping them avoid extreme actions which can harm the harmony of the collective life of a society, while the latter is a strategy which is often adopted at different levels in order to find solutions to any disputes between two or more parties.


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    Having a moderate and rational approach is imperative in order to develop a balanced personality. Extreme behaviour is often witnessed in countries and regions which are economically backward and where there are low percentages of literacy rates. According to most experts in the field of sociology and human behaviour, factors like education and a healthy financial situation play huge roles in helping an individual or a group of people avoid any kind of extreme behaviour.

    A moderate approach is one in which you do not discriminate between people on the basis of religion, ethnicity, race, gender or financial background. You have to be just to everyone, even if this goes against you in some way or the other. A moderate person takes his decisions and builds his opinions on the basis of rationality and logic, instead of fiery emotions.

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    When two parties reach a certain level of conflict, it becomes almost impossible for either of them to see things from an objective point of view and to come to a conclusion which is acceptable for both sides. In order to break deadlocks, human societies adopted the technique of mediation thousands of years ago; however, it has continued to evolve over the centuries, before taking a proper and defined shape. There are a number of courts and organizations of arbitration even at the international level, monitored by the United Nations, with the primary objective of solving conflicts and avoiding wars. Mediators are also often used at a personal level as well, in order to get rid of disputes in a family.

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