Difference between Major and Bachelor

Many people get confused with the terms Bachelor and Major, which are used in educational or academic field, and they sometimes consider these two terms same. Many people consider both of these terms completely different from each other but they fail to tell the facts that makes these two terms distinctive. However, you can easily find many differences between Major and Bachelor. Bachelor is an academic degree whereas major is the main or particular subject that a student studies. The bachelor level degree is used as a general term while major refers to particular subject. Keep reading to learn more.


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    Major is a term which is frequently used by students who are studying at the graduate or post graduate level. Major means the main or specific subject or field that a student takes at graduate or post graduate level. Major defines the area or field in which a student wants to set up his professional career and this major subject helps him in finding a relevant job after completing the education or degree. Major is referred to a specific field of study during your advanced education and people usually take those subjects as major in which they want to excel in their practical life. Every student needs to take a major subject during his graduation in order to define his field of interest and it helps him in getting relevant job.

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    Bachelor is the most used and common term in educational field. Bachelor is basically an academic degree that usually comprises on four-year study and students take different subjects during their bachelors in order to become qualified in their areas of interest. Bachelor is a higher or advanced level qualification that helps students to complete their formal education and avail relevant employment opportunities. At bachelor level, students get a lot of options in selecting their subjects and they choose some subjects as majors and some supporting subjects in order to complete their credit hours during their graduation degree. After getting bachelor degree, the students become capable of getting decent jobs as they have completed their 16-year qualification and are ready to prove their worth in practical or professional field.

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