Difference between Mean, Median and Mode

Mean median and mode are considered as the basics of math and especially in maths these three belong to the branch of stats. Basically these are the elements of statistics in maths and can be very useful when one studies the science of stats. Stats is a portion in maths that deals with the averages of the class and all the people that are available in order for any survey that has been done and the results are to be calculated about the averages of the class or the total number of people that have been interrogated on any matter for the sake of collecting data. Mean, median and mode are basically three ways in which one can attain the average of something. The three approaches are different and for each thing the value of the average is different. These rely on the class width and the class boundaries and even the way of calculating the averages is different but again all of these are things that will give us an idea about the average of anything that is to be calculated. The values vary from each other however and are recorded in different tables.


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    First of all we shall discuss what the mean of something is. As the name suggests, mean is the real average of all the things that have been recorded in a survey. For example, a class has given a quiz to their teacher, the marks of this quiz are given back and the teacher needs to note down the average of the class in that particular quiz. Now what the teacher will do is that he will note down all the marks of the separate students on one paper and will add them together. After adding them together, the teacher will calculate the total sum of all these numbers. He will then divide this sum of numbers with the total number of students that are present in the class that have taken the quiz. The result will be the mean.

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    Median is another way. For the same example, the teacher will write the numbers of the students in a decreasing order on a paper and then the middle value of all these numbers will be the median.

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    The final thing is the mode. Mode is the most repeated number of the entire list and this is also a way to calculate the average. Note that the method will generate different results.

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