Difference between Metabolism and Anabolism

Metabolism represents a very complex process, during which the body breaks down the nutrients in food.

The body in the process of life experiences constant need for nutrients. Various foods are converted during digestion into amino acids, glycerine, and fatty acids. These simple substances are absorbed and carried by the blood throughout the body.

Metabolism is divided into two stages: the catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism is the process of degradation of complex organic compounds into simpler while Anabolism is a process in which the basic substance synthesized in our body: proteins, sugars, lipids, nucleic acids.

Metabolism is performed between the tissue cells and intercellular fluid. Continuity in interstitial fluid supports the bloodstream. In the process of blood circulation the capillary walls of blood plasma are updated 40 times, sharing with the interstitial fluid.


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    Most people are faced with the problem of speeding up the metabolism, but a lot of those find it difficult to gain weight. If you are faced with a shortage of pounds, you should try to slow down the metabolism.

    You can add a new diet with vitamins, slowing down the metabolism, such as iron and silicon. Moreover, we must reject the cold shower and drinking cold water. This process helps to reduce the rate of metabolism and allows you to gain a little weight. Certainly, the new diet does not mean that you should avoid eating junk food and stop moving, you just need to try to avoid anything that triggers the acceleration of metabolism. Also, you do not have to stick to this regime forever, because over the years, the metabolism slows down by itself.

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    Anabolism is a set of biosynthetic process, exclusively organic matter. It provides energy storage, update of biological structures, development and growth. This process is to restructure the molecules coming from the food, breaking down into more complex molecules and their chemical modification.

    Also be aware that the processes of catabolism and anabolism in the body are in a state of dynamic equilibrium. This condition affects the overall health, psycho-emotional and physical stress.

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