What is Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural marketing is marketing of products and services that support agriculture. For example, marketing of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, mechanical tools and machinery are all part of agriculture and their marketing is called agricultural marketing. Generally, big companies market their products to farmers either directly, through their agents spread across local agricultural zones or through media. A part of agricultural products marketing is education. Farmers should know how to use a product safely at the time they decide to buy any particular product, so the companies willing to market their market must educate their audience as well.


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    In simple terms, agricultural marketing is marketing of products and services that support agriculture, farming and other sectors of agriculture. For example, marketing of products for farming at a very small scale is also a part of agricultural marketing.

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    Agricultural marketing is marketing of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, cultivators, threshers, levelers, harvesters and all other products and tools that support the trade of agriculture in the local communities.

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    Agriculture marketing is done either directly, through agents of big companies, who introduce their products directly to the farmers and growers while going into their areas, or else it is done through local media, especially through specialized media to target the perfect audience.

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    Television is the most effective tool for agricultural marketing, since farmers can practically see how the products are used. For example, how pesticides are mixed, how much quantity is required and then how they are used on crops. Other tools to market the products can also be used.

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    A part of agricultural marketing is education. So the companies have to choose a medium to show practically how their products work and what are their benefits. This is the reason that using television is the most effective method followed in marketing of agricultural products.

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    A thorough search is needed to be done by the agricultural marketing companies about the crops and plants that are locally produced, what type of water resources are available and how the climate affects agricultural activity locally.

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    Agricultural marketing companies have to select products for marketing that produce the maximum benefits for farmers, within the limited water resources and fertilizers use. For example, they should market a right variety of seeds of different crops. Some seeds need more waters and if they are marketing in the areas where farmers face water shortage, marketing of such a product will not convince farmers to buy it.

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