Difference between Mineral Water and Spring Water

Taking hygienic diet is the key for living a healthy life free from illness. No one likes to fall ill and it is for this reason every person tries to have concern about what he/she eats or drinks. Most of the diseases enter human body by drinking water. Hence, you have to be very cautious of the source you are drinking water. Fit-to-drink water might not be available at all places and it is then you have to turn towards bottled water. A number of brands are available in the market which provide you with purified water, completely hygienic to drink and keep you healthy. Mineral water and spring water are the two most commonly used terms mentioned on bottled water available in the market. Although both these types of water are purified and hygienic for all people, the difference lies between their sources and the process they undergo before bottling.

According to Food and Drug Administration (the regulatory body for bottled water in USA), mineral water must contain “not less than 250 ppm total dissolved solids that originates from a geologically and physically protected underground water source.” Any bottled water fitting upon these standards can be called mineral water.

As its names clearly suggests, spring water is obtained from natural springs, which originates from an underground formation and runs naturally on the surface. It is either collected from the surface or by drilling bore holes to tap it from the underground formation.


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    Mineral Water

    Some mineral waters may be a bit harsher in taste due to the presence of added minerals. Calcium and magnesium are very beneficial for human health and that is why these minerals are added to the water manually. Most of the mineral water is produced within Europe and that is why its prices might be a bit too high in the countries outside European Union. Very strict regulations are in practice to ensure the quantity of minerals being added to this water. These days, mineral water can be found at general stores all over the world and is accessible to everyone.

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    Spring Water

    Spring water is collected from natural aquifers near rock beds and soil. Generally, the water which naturally finds its way to the surface from underground formation is considered to be true spring water. This water is naturally rich in minerals and extra minerals are not added to it, however, it is passed through chemical processes and advanced filtration systems to ensure its purity.

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