Difference between Hookah and Bong

Hookah and Bong: A number of people resort to smoking for recreation. Generally these people tend to resort to two main tools to do so. These two tools are either a hookah or a bong. Both of these are used for almost the same purpose; however, apart from their being a structural difference between the two, there are some other differences between them as well.

A hookah is also known as a water pipe sometimes. It is a single, or a multi-stemmed instrument, which is used to vaporize and smoke flavored tobacco. Based on how you place coal on a hookah, it can be used to produce smoke and water vapor. Traditionally the hookah was used in the middle east, which is where it was originally meant for recreation and entertainment. However, these days it is also used to smoke cannabis and other medicinal herbs.


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    A bong is also a water pipe; however, it is more of a filtration apparatus, which as opposed to being primarily made to smoke tobacco, is actually used to smoke cannabis, or other herbs.

    A bong works using very simple mechanics - gas flows from its lower part to its upper part, where it enters the users mouth and then the lungs.

    Structurally the hookah and bong are quite different, despite them being used for nearly the same thing. Bongs are much smaller and can be easily constructed. All you need to construct a bong is an air and water tight device, after which you need to add a bowl and a stem to it.

    Bongs have been around for quite some time, being used in Thailand and parts of Africa for a number of centuries now. The earliest use of the word bong, or words used to describe what a bong, is were published in 1944.

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    A Bong is a small water pipe, which is used for smoking cannabis. It is much smaller than a hookah but works on nearly the same principle.

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    A hookah is a middle eastern apparatus, which is used to smoke flavored tobacco. It has a pipe attached to a water base, and it uses coal and water to produce smoke and water vapors, which help enhance the flavor.

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