What Is a Proxy Bidding System

Proxy bidding is when someone else bids on your behalf. You can tell that person or organization about the maximum amount limit up to which you can go and you do not have to be present at the time to monitor the bidding process in progress. Auction website eBay offers proxy bidding service on behalf of the buyers. The buyer tells the site about their limit and then eBay keeps posting bid offers on their behalf, until the bid is won or the amount of bidding exceeds the limit you have told the website.


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    Proxy bidding is not done by you. You do not have to be present at the time the bidding is in progress, but your bid will continue to be placed by your representative.

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    Proxy bidding services are offered by various organizations including auction website such as eBay, although you can get a friend or family member to bid on your behalf. That is also called proxy bidding.

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    In proxy bidding, you tell the person or the website about the maximum amount which you can bid for and then let the person or organization bid their own way. They will keep raising your bid until you win the auction or the bid amount exceeds the limit you have told them.

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    Sometimes, if you are flexible about the bid amount, your representative can ask you over the phone if you want to raise the bid amount. If you have chance of winning something, you can let them raise the bid amount until you win the auction.

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    If your bid is successful, the person or organization bidding on your behalf can send the product on auction that you won on your address. The service is offered at a cost, which can vary from product to product or auction to auction.

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    Proxy bidding is helpful for those who want to keep their identity secret or are too busy to attend auctions. This option allows them to carry out all their other activities without needing to worry about the auction.

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