Difference Between Viber and Vonage Facebook Application (Vonage App)

Technological advancements have occurred in the last couple of hundred years. Communication in particular has gotten a major boost and has paved the way for technologies to improve. You can now communicate with anyone anywhere in the world whenever you feel like it.

The arrival of cell phones has given a great boost to intra-personal communication and the arrival of smart phones has improved it even further. There are all kinds of applications on these phones that one can use for various purposes and there is almost an application for anything that you can think of.

There are a number of apps that actually further enhance communication and make it easier and cheaper for you to communicate with others. Both of them are free and provide an excellent platform for the users to communicate with others. There are certain differences though amongst the two which make them somewhat different from each other.

Viber is able to sync contacts from the phone to the application whereas Vonage Facebook app syncs contacts from Facebook but fails to sync your contacts from the phone.

Viber integrates with your smart phone rather well and the record of the calls that you make through Viber is added to your phone calls list. However, the same does not happen with your communication through Vonage.

Vonage Facebook app gives you an opportunity to get in touch with your friends on Facebook and you can post a new status directly from the app through your phone. However, you cannot do this through Viber.


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    It is an application that allows you to call and text people all over the world provided that they also have Viber and both parties have a functional decent internet speed available on the phone. You can also share files through Viber which makes it all the more useful.

    You need to have a smart phone with iOS or Android for it to be functional. It is free of cost and millions of people all over the world are making use of this application everyday.

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    Vonage Facebook App

    The application allows you to talk to and text people using the application free of charge. You can also call phones internationally for a low per minute rate. The added advantage with Vonage Facebook app is that you can get in touch with friends on Facebook and post status updates without much trouble.

    Ideally you should have a 3G/4G system available for it to give its best performance.

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