Difference between Montessori and Steiner

Montessori and Steiner are two different education systems but many people do not know the difference between these two systems and consider them as the same. Montessori and Steiner belong to the starting education of children but they are different in many aspects. Both education systems want the growth of children’s abilities but they employ different methods for achieving this objective. In Montessori, children are given a set curriculum including books and other relevant materials while in Steiner system, books are introduced on a later stage and child’s inner abilities and his tendency is given more importance and different toys and playing methods are used to enhance his abilities. In Montessori system, children usually learn according to their own abilities but in Steiner system, teacher plays a vital role in enhancing the abilities of children and entertains a greater impact on their personality. Montessori system supports the guidelines provided by the teachers while Steiner system prefers the choice of children. Keep reading to learn more about Montessori and Steiner system of education.


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    Italy’s educationist and Dr. Maria Montessori is the founder of Montessori system as she was not happy with the prevalent education system of that time. She introduced Montessori system of education in order to give a proper guideline and direction to children in order to make their grown in a systematic way. In this system, books are very important but learning of children heavily depends on their own ability and picking power. The teachers suggest toys and other things that could help children to improve their inner abilities. So, children do not have a free choice in this system but Montessori system has become one of the most common education systems in the whole world at the present time.

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    Steiner system of education was formed by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian educationist who believed that children’s concentration and thinking level is the most important thing that can provide them a strong base at the start of their education. Steiner system of education has set up a curriculum that focused to enhance the concentration level of children. Books holds the second importance but the emotionally, physical and thinking abilities are given basic or primary importance in Steiner system of education. However, at the later stage when children become emotionally and physically stable, academic books are added in the curriculum in order to improve all abilities of children.

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