Difference between OG and Retro

OG and Retro are two types of basketball shoes by Nike along with collaboration with famous basketball player Michael Jordan. However many people remain confused regarding these types of basketball shoes and believe that Retro and OG are the same kind of shoes. Understanding the difference between these two shoes can be relatively tricky unless you are familiar with Michael Jordan and Nike. On the other hand both shoes come with different features. Retro are also called Air Jordan as these shoes basically have been re-released into the market to attract people while the OG shoes are those which have not been re-released till date. Retro shoes can be found in almost all sporting shoes store around the country whereas OG shoes are relatively hard to find as they have not been modified and placed back in the market for customers.


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    Nike is possibly the world’s biggest shoe maker company and with its growth, they started branding different models with different sports personalities. Michael Jordan is one of those great players who become a brand ambassador of Nike. The shoe company released Air Jordan in 1985 and with its release; the outcome was very encouraging for them. Soon Nike’s management started manufacturing two models of Air Jordan, Retro and OG. Retro are relatively cheaper as these shoes are considered that Michael Jordan wore but now are in market with slight material changes. Retro are slightly modified for today’s young generation. It is important to mention that Air Jordan brand (Retro) is still very popular not just in the US but around the world in many countries especially where basketball is being played. Some researchers say that about 28 models of Michael Jordan’s shoes have been re-released with slight modifications. Though the design of Retro remains the same but at there are slight technological changes have been made to attract more and more people. Researchers say that Air Jordan shoes are still very popular and when every year, the overall sale of these shoes increases, it certainly gives a clear indication that Air Jordan are still very popular with no respect to Retro or OG.

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    The original Air Jordan which has not been retried till date are called OG. These shoes basically are slightly more expensive than Retro as they are considered more exclusive. According to Nike sources, there are many models which Jordan wore but still have not been retried or re-released in to the market.

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