Difference Between PBX and VoIP

With the advancement of telephone and its related devices, you will hear new names and different terminologies. PBX and VoIP are also same when it comes to mobile telephony and even common telephone technology. Voice over internet protocol and public branch exchange are two different terms and also refer to two different things when it comes to modern telephone technology. You need to understand that Voice over internet protocol refers to advancement of telephony system. You can switch networks while using this service while with public branch exchange, you get a miniature telephone network which works by providing several lines to external lines.


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    VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol is a product of fresh progression the telephony systems and it is providing great help to people who want good voice quality using networks which work as a means of getting in touch with someone. You can use it with the internet after providing digitized date from one point to another. This is a unique service and modern technological advancement which is helping many people and companies. Many countries and their telecommunication companies are getting help from the system to get extra amount of data and conversation in the smaller amount of bandwidth. Now different innovations are also coming in the media that even home users can use VoIP through different ways but most importantly through the internet. It is also important that you should understand the different ways the VoIP structure works so that it can be beneficial for you.

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    Public Branch Exchange is different as many think that it is quite similar with other sources and means of services. It basically creates a connection through different external lines and helps you make telephone connectivity. It is also important to understand that many companies use this service to decrease their overall costs using other means or sources. The other main difference it has is that you can also use many lines at the same time instead of working or using a single line. Mostly it works for internal lines as they all routed as well. Though most system are made to handle different types of PBX on a same line but still it still need more time for more advancements.

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