Difference Between Rock and Metal

Rock music or simply Rock is one of the most loved music styles or genres in the West. This style of music got acceptability in 1950s and then many of its sub-genres were introduced. Heavy metal is one of the sub-genres of rock music. However, there are many things that make them distinctively different.

In rock music, the overall sound carries a light distortion whereas heavy metal music is more aggressive. Similarly, metal music has a deeper and heavier tone as compared to simple rock music. Another difference is in the instrument as musicians use classic drum set in rock and double bass pedal drums in heavy metal.


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    In 1950s, pop stars like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley introduced an aggressive and fast paced style of music and then other singers and bands played their part in gaining world-wide acceptability for this genre of music.

    All types of guitars, clean, distorted, electric and sometimes even acoustic, are used in this style of music. The musicians also use drums for extra beat but they only use classic drum set without double bass pedal.

    Although, rock music singers have almost the same style like pop singers but still there is a small difference between them. Rock singers have little bit more aggression as compared to pop singers, who sing plainly and pleasantly.

    Now, this genre of music has gained so much popularity that many of its sub-genres have also become a complete genre. These types of rock music include folk rock, jazz rock, blues rock. Moreover, musicians have been doing experiments to make new forms with the fusion of soul, latino and funk music.

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    Initially, metal emerged as the sub-genre of rock music but then it earned a respectable place in the music world. The slight difference between both genres is that the metal music is more aggressive and fast-paced. Moreover, the theme and subjects of its lyrics are darker and rough than the rock music.

    As compared to simple rock, metal has a more harsh and scream like singing style. Singers shout and scream to make their voice noticeable in the presence of heavy bass and music. If we discuss the music instruments, the musicians use much more distorted guitars to create a deeper and darker sound. These guitars are tuned lower than the guitars of rock music. Similarly, drums are also different as they are double base pedal drums.

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