Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales are important tools which help businesses create awareness about their products and services, and convince consumers to buy them. These elements usually take into account external factors to create the intended demand.

For starters, marketing works on a broader scale as compared to sales. Marketing agents have a greater responsibility, both within and outside the company. Their task begins as soon as the company decides to create a product. For that they will need to design a product which is likely to attract the interest of consumers. They will research their competitors, market needs and trends, and the price associated with the product. After the initial process has taken place, they will demonstrate the product’s usage. Sales agents will then be asked to apply their communication skills to ensure that the product is in reach of the general public and is ready to be consumed.

After that, marketing agents will gauge the response of that product and use various promotional campaigns to make sure that product has been marketed effectively. They, more or less, will have long term aims as opposed to sales agents, and will tap into factors such as demographic, race, religion etc. Sales agents will use that information to ensure that the product is sold to an individual on a daily basis. However, they will have to deal with the logistics and plan their inventory accordingly. They will be working at the ground level and will do their utmost to sell the product.

Sales agents have a direct relationship with the consumer. They will make sales calls, or use various tactics – high pressure, discounts – to entice the consumer into buying. Marketing agents will interact with people on a broader scale and predict the targeted customer market. They will take feedback from the sales agent regarding customer satisfaction and concerns, and apply that to modify or alter the product itself. Marketers will apply their knowledge on macro and micro levels, as opposed to sales agents, who will only deal with the latter notion and interact in a one-to-one capacity.


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    Marketing is the overall process of planning, creating, communicating, pricing and delivering a product or service to the intended audience – customers, clients or society. It incorporates all factors or elements – 4Ps (product, price, place and promotion) - which may impact the relationship of a company with its consumers. The evolution of the business world has transformed the concept of marketing, which otherwise incorporated the techniques of advertising and selling.

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    A sale is basically a transfer or exchange of a product, service, or title for monetary compensation. A sale is made when an item is given in return for payment, which is usually monetary in nature. It generally involved two parties, buyer and seller, both of whom enter in an agreement to transfer a product in exchange for money. Sale can occur through direct involvement, can be agency based, door-to-door, electronic or business to business.

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